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5 reasons why you should visit us

  • We are the international company.
  • We specialise ONLY in laser hair removal, and are therefore experts in this field.
  • Our laser hair removal expert practitioners have many years of experience.
  • Our customers are from different ethnic backgrounds, so we can work with any skin and hair colour.
  • We use the world's best equipment MeDioStar NeXT laser system. It’s the latest generation diode lasers approved by the FDA.

What our clients say

Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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Hair removal has never been this fast and this comfortable!

MeDioStar NeXT is a new high-power dual-wavelength diode laser. It is the next generation of high power systems for aesthetic applications designed and built in Germany. 

MeDioStar NeXT includes integrated skin temperature control for gentle and convenient treatments.

Thanks to the diode technology and to variable pulse length (up to 400ms), MeDioStar NeXT allows the treatment of all skin types, including tanned skin. 

There is no more need to suspend the treatment during the summer and not to treat very dark skin types; thanks to MeDIoStar NeXT, all patients can count on the best results!



Usually between 6-10 sessions will get you up to 90% reduction of hair growth, this is mostly dependant on the area.
The number of treatments individually selected. It depends on the thickness of the hair, the type of skin and the frequency of your sessions. But do not worry, our therapists will be able to give you an approximate number of sessions after a preliminary consultation.