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Nowadays, every person monitors their health and beauty. So, everybody has unwanted hair and novel technology in this area called Laser Removal Treatment. This elaboration successfully used by both women and men. Any part of the body: back, chest, face, legs, arms, etc. undergo painless hair removal. The main problem is that most people think that having extra hair on their body is extremely unattractive. Most methods used by every person, such as shaving or waxing, solve the problem only for a while. But after this method of solving the problem, the human hair becomes stronger and thicker. Moreover, hair begins to grow more quickly and more often. Therefore, innovation in this area is laser intervention. This method is more effective and safer. It avoids skin irritation and ageing. Besides, you do not have to often contact specialists, since this method is more long-term in action.

What laser hair removal mean?

The medical facility Evliss Laser Clinic has the latest medical equipment and is one of the most reputable clinics in London. Here you will find real professionals in the field of laser hair removal. This fact suggests that everyone who seeks help will be served at the highest level. The result will impress anyone, because our employees have passed numerous certifications, and we have various certificates confirming our professionalism. The average experience of our employees is about five years. This is a significant indicator in the field of laser hair removal industry.

Each patient is consulted by our specialist. This is required to better study where to start laser hair removal and what various factors should be considered during treating. The selected area is thoroughly processed. Once the laser is ready, the handpiece will be applied to the skin. In some cases, the patient may feel slight tingling at the treatment site. At the end of the procedure, a soothing gel with aloe and SPF is applied. The following procedure is usually carried out within six weeks.

Laser hair removal result before and after

A special course of treatment is carried out within 6-9 weeks. The result will be that the patient’s hair will grow very slowly. Although it depends on each person individually. It is recommended to undergo a full course of treatment every year. This will avoid hair growth completely. For more information, contact our operator.

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