PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is a problem that plagues millions of women around the world. You may ask us why. Because this syndrome manifests itself in excessive hair growth. This is due to the increase in hormones. But what to do about it? There is a solution! We offer you laser hair removal specially developed for PCOS!




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Pay as you go
40% Off – 6 Pack
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Small Area
 (One of the Following) Upper lip, Chin, Sides, Forehead, Jawline, Cheeks, Nose, Ears, Front Neck, Back Neck, Navel Line, Nipples, Hands, Feet
Medium Area
 (One of the Following) Underarms, Any Bikini, Buttocks, Lower Arms, Upper Arms, Chest, Abdomen, Lower Back, Upper Back
Large Area
 (One of the Following) Lower Legs, Upper Legs, Full Face, Full Arms Inc. Shoulders
Extra Large Area
 (One of the Following) Full Legs, Full Front, Full Back

How is it working?

The hair follicle contains a pigment called melanin, and it is exactly what absorbs light. The light energy of the laser allows, by heating the pigment, to destroy the hair follicle. But do not worry, this affects only the specific structure of the hair and follicle, which allows you to leave the surrounding skin intact.

The number of treatments individually selected. It depends on the thickness of the hair, the type of skin and the frequency of your sessions. As a rule, thick men’s hair is processed much longer, thin women’s, but as mentioned earlier, all this individually. But do not worry, our therapists will be able to give you an approximate idea of the number of sessions after a preliminary consultation. In patients with the PCOS, it takes about 8 sessions.

Also, our specialist will determine your type of skin and hair, which gives you more accurate further care information.

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Who is laser hair removal for PCOS for?

The terrible feature of PCOS, which affects millions of women around the world, is abnormal hair growth throughout the body, not excluding the face. According to our latest research, women with PCOS are prone to depression and the problem with self-esteem. Forget it! You can and will feel better, and we will help you!

Care after laser treatment:

Immediately after the procedure, the normal reaction of the body is:

Strong recommendations after treatment

Avoid touch and excessive friction. Try to wear loose, light clothing. Also, avoid training! Since sweating the skin lead to great irritation and swelling! Try to keep the treatment area cool after the procedure.


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