Both women and men face the problem of ingrown hair. This is an unpleasant consequence of improper skincare. ingrown facial hair not only spoils the appearance, but it can also lead to inflammation. 



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What are the causes of ingrown hair?

Typically, ingrown hair appears after hair removal at home, mainly with a razor, cream or waxing strips. Such methods are only removed above the skin part of the hairs, and the hair follicles remain intact. With each subsequent depilation procedure, the hairs become weaker and thinner. The horny scales of the epidermis are not hatched, closing the mouths of the hair follicles and making the skin coarser. Under these conditions, weak hairs cannot break through to the outside and therefore begin to grow intradermally. In the process of improper growth, the ingrown hair becomes spiral-shaped (so-called twisted hair).

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Laser Hair Removal of Ingrown Hair

Laser hair removal at the Evliss Laser Clinic is widely recognized as the most effective and painless way to get rid of excess hair. Our top-class doctors use the state-of-the-art MeDioStar NeXT laser system. This hair removal device is suitable for all skin and hair types.

Unlike depilation, which stimulates the thickening of the epidermis, laser removal does not affect the hair mechanically. Here operates a completely different principle: a light wave of 800 nm, without traumatizing the skin, penetrates directly into the hair follicle and, heating it, destroys. The irradiated hairs fall out and new ones grow less and less often.

Removing ingrown hair with a laser is the most effective way to solve this problem. Its essence is a directional effect on the hair shaft, which destroys the follicle. After that, the hair is not growing here for a long time.

Cosmetologist of the salon before the procedure determines the patient’s skin type, degree of damage, the characteristics of the hair cover. Then choose the type of laser, assign the right number of procedures. Before removing ingrown hair in the bikini area, apply a special painkiller. After all, here the skin is the most sensitive.

As a result of the procedure is carried out:


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